Fill calendar gaps with automated wait-list outreach.

Cancellations hurt. Prevent lost revenue automatically with NexHealth.
Send automated messages to your ASAP List patients to fill a cancellation
Fill most cancellations in under ten minutes
Save valuable staff time through automation
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Cancellations hurt - even when you replace them

Your patients will cancel at the last minute. It’s unavoidable. But how do you deal with these issues when they arrive? Most practices will dial through their ASAP List, calling patients one-by-one with the hopes of finding an available replacement. The resulting game of phone tag is inefficient and can tie up your staff for hours. Instead, let NexHealth automate it for you through text and email.

Automate your ASAP List outreach efforts

With automated ASAP List outreach from NexHealth, you can automatically fill gaps in your calendar - no calls required. For a patient on your ASAP List, it's as simple as responding to a text. Once the appointment is booked, NexHealth notifies you and automatically updates your practice management software. That's one less phone call for your staff and one less hole in your schedule.

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