Bring back no-shows with automated follow-ups.

No-shows are a problem. Manual phone tag is not the answer.
Automatically reschedule no-shows & cancellations
Control the timing and frequency of Follow-Ups
Works with online booking, 24/7, for easy scheduling
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Reschedule more No-Shows & Cancellations than ever before

Last-minute cancellation and no-shows are a fact of life for practices. Your patients lead busy lives. Calendar mistakes and scheduling mishaps are unavoidable. So what's the solution? Many practices simply give up on the patient. More diligent offices will reach out with a call; this leads to missed calls, voicemails, and never-ending phone tag. Free up your staff and bring back more no-shows and cancellations with Automated Follow-Ups from NexHealth.

The hassle-free, 24/7 solution to patient follow-up

When patients no-show, your response should be immediate and fully automated. That's where NexHealth comes in. Shortly after a missed appointment, your patient will receive a follow-up email and text message with instructions on how to reschedule. With a few taps, the patient can see your available appointments and reschedule in seconds. Easy right?

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