Reduce your no-shows with Digital Appointment Reminders

Eliminate phone tag and time spent rescheduling over the phone.
Customizable text message and email reminders
Decide when and how your reminders go out
Automatically re-books and fills-in cancellations
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Every No-Show is lost revenue

When a patient misses a visit, you not only lose revenue, but you also lose the resources that went into scheduling that appointment in the first place. Every minute your office staff spends playing phone tag, leaving voicemails, and manually confirming appointments comes with a real dollar cost. With automated reminders from NexHealth confirming 90% of your appointments, there's a simple, seamless way to reduce your No-Shows.

Automatically reschedule no-show or cancelled patients

No-shows and cancellations happen. It's a part of the world of running a practice. But you don't have to waste staff time chasing non-committal patients down. Let NexHealth automate it for you. Every time you mark a patient as no-show or cancelled in your PMS, NexHealth automatically follows up with your patients. What's more? With our real time online booking, patients can automatically reschedule themselves in.

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