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Grow your practice with powerful reporting and analytics.
Easily track appointments, patient satisfaction, and more
Intuitive visualization of data
Integrates with your Practice Management Software
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For providers, ignorance isn't bliss

Are you booking fewer appointments this week? Seeing more cancellations recently? Initiating too many reschedules? If you're trying to build or strengthen your practice, you already know that data is the key. Gathering data spread across multiple platforms and analyzing it can leave you feeling defeated. With NexHealth, getting the data you need to build a stronger practice is as simple as opening your dashboard.

Improve your practice with valuable data

Simply click 'analytics' at the top of the NexHealth dashboard to see a clear, visual breakdown of your practice performance. All of your critical numbers are here: visits booked, reschedules, cancellations, and more. You'll also get a weekly email from NexHealth that summarizes these analytics so you don't miss any important trends.

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