Acquire new patients with NexHealth

Your online presence is your biggest asset today. With real-time online booking through Google, Yelp, Facebook, and your website, NexHealth helps you acquire more patients.

Add Real-Time Online Booking to your website, Google, Yelp, and Facebook
73% of online appointments are booked after hours
Most patients want to book appointments online
Improve SEO rank with Automated Reviews
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Acquire new patients from your online presence

You're attracting thousands of visitors to your website and social media pages. However, in order to book an appointment they have to call your office. And if it's after hours, they have to wait until the next day! With NexHealth's real time online booking embedded across your website, Google, Facebook, and Yelp pages, converting visitors into paying patients is easier than ever.

Own your online brand and gain more traffic

In order for patients to find you online, you have to be discoverable first. NexHealth makes it really easy for you to build your own online presence and maintain it. You already have a website, Google page, Yelp, and Facebook page. NexHealth helps you come up higher in search results by driving 5 star reviews to your Google, Yelp, and Facebook pages. This builds organic SEO that you own, forever. It's your brand.

You own your brand

With NexHealth, as you rack up positive reviews and gain organic SEO, you own it, forever. It's your brand.

Patients love it

Patients love the experience of real time booking from Google and other online pages.

Get more patients

Most practices on NexHealth acquire 15-45 new patients a month.

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