Improving patient experience & satisfaction with digital tools

Modern consumers expect the convenience of one-tap meal delivery and movie streaming, so why not for healthcare too? Provide the best patient experience with digital tools that are easy to use.

Let patients book real time appointments with you 24/7
Let patients text you just like they'd text a friend
Let patients pay you through text and email
Let patients book their follow-ups with you automatically
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In 2020, patient satisfaction isn't just about great care

Patients are demanding more from their healthcare providers. Yes, excellent patient care will always matter - but how they engage with you and your staff is also increasingly important. With NexHealth patient communications tools, you'll increase overall patient satisfaction and engagement. From online appointment booking in real-time to the ease of texting questions to your staff, to text-based payments, it's all done through NexHealth.

Increase revenue through a superior patient experience

Providing the best patient experience is not only good for your patients, it's good for your business. NexHealth tools offer plenty of ways to improve patient experience - so they can easily reach you, communicate with your practice, book appointments, and pay you with easy-to-use online tools. The result? Satisfied patients that are more likely to come back, refer your practice to their friends and family, and leave 5-star reviews online.

Patients love it

NexHealth's end-to-end experience from online booking to text messaging and payments gives patients a great experience.

Increase revenue

A great experience means more referrals, more reviews, and more appointments!

More time to focus on patient care

With NexHealth automatically taking care of your online appointments, communication, and more, your staff will have peace of mind.

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