Finding and switching to a new doctor is easier than ever

We help you retain patients with a great digital experience, on-time treatment and recare reminders.

Automatically send post-op instructions
Automatically send hygiene reminders
Follow up with patients overdue for their treatment plans
Real time online booking with all your reminders
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New patients cost 25x more than existing ones

From money spent on marketing, to time spent engaging with them, new patients can be costly. That's why once you've acquired a patient, it's important that you're able to retain them. With NexHealth, you're given a suite of tools that simplifies patient retention. With features like automated post-op instructions, automated unscheduled treatment plan follow-ups, and hygiene recalls, NexHealth practice in average see 10 more existing patients a month.

Real time online booking for your existing patients

In average, NexHealth practices book 10 more new appointments a month from their existing patients. How is this possible? On all communication and reminders with your existing patients, NexHealth inserts your real time availability directly into the emails and texts. This way, when your patients get a treatment reminder, or hygiene reminder, booking with you is one tap away.

Patients love it

Patients don't want to play phone tag with their existing doctors. Make it easy with one-tap NexHealth online booking.

Save staff time

With automated follow-ups, reminders, and recalls, your staff saves time. NexHealth takes it one step further by also automating existing patient appointment booking.

Increase revenue from existing patients

On average, a NexHealth practice gets 10 more appointments a month from their existing patients.

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